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Oma Iwere Itsekiri New York-New Jersey equips Library for Ojomba Primary School, Koko

The members of Oma Iwere Itsekiri New York-New Jersey, on Saturday, November 2013, held their Annual fund-raising event, to raise funds towards equipping Ojomba Primary School, Koko, Delta State, School Library.
Speaking at the event, themed ‘Empowering the Future of Iwere Youth through Education’, the chairman of the event Dr. Sikiru Fadairo, Professor and Chair of the Department of Computer Information Systems (CIS) at Medgar Evers College (CUNY),.commended the group for their effort to help impact the life of young people in Nigeria.

Oma Iwere Itsekiri president, Ms. Patience Edremoda told the Fund-raising attendees that, education is the light that illuminates every stage of our journey to a better life. She further added that education empowers young people by increasing their chances of getting jobs, staying healthy and participating fully in society and boosts their chances of leading healthy lives.

She noted that the group decided on the library project, to help start the school ready children to learn; provide access to information and ideas unimpeded by social, cultural, and economic constraints. Finally she said a library will help ensure free and equal access to information and ideas without geographic constraints; and help the young people stay free of violence, in an environment conducive to learning.

The students and staff recently received the tables and chairs that were specially built and designed for the library.






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