Ugbajo Itsekiri USA, Incorporated successfully hosted its 16th Annual National Convention at the Westin Airport Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia, from Friday August 30 to September 1, 2013.

In furtherance of its objective of bringing together Itsekiris of diverse persuasions, the convention provided a platform to discuss myriad of challenges confronting Itsekiri Nation, and proffered solutions to address them. With the theme: “Promoting Itsekiri Unity for Sustainable Development”, the convention deliberated on the place of Itsekiris within the social-political landscape of Nigeria particularly in Delta state. It was noted that her geographical location, inaccessibility of its homelands, absence of infrastructures, lack of committed political leadership, relentless hostile neighbors and incessant attacks, ecological effects of oil exploration and exploitation, falling standard of education, and non-existence of health services have adversely impacted the drive for a strong and united Itsekiri Nation. To address these challenges, and place Itsekiris on a sound pedestal for the future, the convention recommended immediate rebuilding and rehabilitation of abandoned communities, reversal of years of negligent in the provision of basic infrastructures, creation of sustainable economic activities, empowerment of women and youths, safe guard and protect Itsekiri communities from attacks. As a people committed to each other, Itsekiris are enjoined to rise above selfishness and personality ego, work in unison with one another, and place above all, the overriding interest of the Itsekiri people over personal interest.

Lastly, all Itsekiri stakeholders resolved that sustainable development of Itsekiri homeland requires a unity of purpose and commitment. In continuation of its support for educational development of Itsekiri youths, Ugbajo Itsekiri USA Inc. awarded scholarships to the following students for the 2013/2014 academic session in their respective academic institutions: 1. Legemah, Utseoritselaju Precious, Accounting, 100 Level, Edo State Institute of Management and Technology, Edo State 2. Edema, Aritetsoma Loveth, Theatre Arts & English Education, 200 Level, College of Education, Warri, Delta State 3. Morrison, Sholaye, Educational Administration & Policy Studies (French Option), 200 Level, Delta State University, Delta State 4. Iluwa, Sonnel Kutu, Accounting, 200 Level, Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State 5. Omagbe, Oritsemeyiwa, Economics & Statistics, 200 Level, Novena University, Delta State 6. Eworitsemogha, Jolomi Favour, Microbiology, 100 Level, Delta State University, Delta state 7. Oguomere, Omatseyin Samson, Mathematics, 300 Level, Delta State University, Delta State 8. Iwere, Amoma Jacqueline, Animal & Environmental Biology, 200 Level, Delta State University, Delta State 9. Tuoyo, Tumara, Chemical Engineering, 200 Level, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Delta State 10. Edah, Deborah Oritseweyinmi, Home Economics Education, 300 Level, University of Benin, Edo State. The Board of Directors, at its meeting on August 30, 2013, unanimously selected Oma-Iwere Association of South Florida, Miami, FL as the host of Ugbajo Itsekiri USA, Inc.’s 17th Annual Convention from Friday, August 29, 2014 to Monday September 1, 2014.