Ugbajo Itsekiri USA


September 24, 1998

Itsekiri delegations from eight centers in the United States gathered in Houston, Texas, from September 4, 1998, to September, 7, 1998, and unanimously voted to establish a national association. Representatives of these delegations accepted Ugbajo Itsekiri USA as the name of the association that will be incorporated as a non-profit entity and headquartered in Washington, DC.

An executive, with Mr. Alfred Alatan, Itsekiri National Association, Houston, TX, as President, was elected to run the affairs of the association for the next two years. Other elected officers are:

Mr. Eyisan Omagbemi, Oma-Iwere Itsekiri Organization Inc., NY-NJ, Vice President

Mr. Bawo Ayomike, Itsekiri National Association of the Washington, DC-Baltimore CMSA Inc., Secretary

Mr. Bemigho Edegbele, Agura Iwere Association, Dallas, TX, Treasurer

Mr. Eworitsemogha O. Mabiaku, Itsekiri National Association, Houston, TX, Financial Secretary

Mr. Mac E-Nunu, Itsekiri Cultural Association of Southern California, Publicity Secretary.

Disunity and underdevelopment in our homeland were identified as the current bane of Itsekiris. The association was challenged to promote Itsekiri unity and to seek answers to the problems of unemployment and poverty, pollution of our lands and waterways and underdevelopment now afflicting our people and our homeland.

The next convention will be held in New York from September 3, 1999, to September 6, 1999.