Regional Groups

Oma Itsekiri Colorado

Oma Itsekiri Colorado was founded on October 25, 1998 in Denver Colorado a few months after the First Annual Convention of Ugbajo Itsekiri USA, Inc. in Houston Texas. Its mission is to serve as a platform for uniting Itsekiri in Colorado, protecting and promoting Itsekiri interest worldwide, nourishing Itsekiri cultural heritage and improving the living conditions of our homeland.

The association was officially inaugurated in August 1999. It provides support for its members and their neighbors whenever a need arises. Members of Oma Itsekiri Colorado often visit elementary and middle schools in the Denver Metro Area as guest speakers to share Itsekiri custom, culture and heritage. We also collect educational materials (books, writing pads/notes, pens and pencils, etc.), clothes, bicycles, canned foods, toiletries, and other items to help Victims of Domestic Abuse and their children in halfway homes. 

Oma Iwere Itsekiri Organization New York - New Jersey

Oma Iwere Itsekiri Organization New York - New Jersey was founded in 1990. Dedicated to the promotion of the Itsekiri culture, custom and heritage, the organization was founded to foster and preserve the uniqueness and dignity of the Itsekiri cultural heritage and to promote peace, welfare and prosperity of its members.

As part of its objectives, the organization and its members encourage economic and educational empowerment among its members and the underserved Itsekiri youth in the Itsekiri homeland.

In November of 2013, the organization started raising funds for its program titled ‘Empowering the Future of Iwere Youth through Education,’ by starting a very successful fundraising drive to furnish a Library for the students of Ojomba Primary School in Koko, Delta State.

The organization has since started furnishing the Library for the students.

Uranran Iwere Itsekiri Association of Georgia

"Uranran-Iwere Itsekiri Association", of Georgia was founded in 2000, to preserve the dignity and the uniqueness of our cultural heritage.

The association is not a forum for isolation of the Itsekiri groups, rather it serves as a basis to offer support group to new immigrants as well as to foster unity with other Nigerian associations in Georgia and around the United States of America.

The association shall preserve and promote The Itsekiri dignity and uniqueness of our cultural heritage by through the establishment of structures that are conducive to its growth and continuity.

Uranran Iwere understands that the family is the nucleus and most important unit of cultural transmission and retention, therefore, the organization supports strong family ties.

As an Itsekiri Association that upholds Itsekiri tradition and culture, Uranran Iwere has organized series of traditional marriages “Temoshi” for our children getting married in Atlanta Georgia.

Itsekiri National Association of Houston (INA)

The Itsekiri National Association Houston (INA), was founded on February 5, 1989 by these dedicated sons and daughter of Itsekiri whom are referred to as the ORIGINAL "5". They are: the late Mr. Wilson Abiro, late Mrs. Rosaline Meggison-Parker, Mr. Samuel Orugbo, Mr. Pius Efejuku and Mr. Fred Boyo.

The Association's goals and objectives has always been: the promotion of Itsekiri culture, unity and progress. Community Development in Nigeria.

The members of INA Houston are proud to state that they have in so many diverse ways achieved these goals and objectives as follows: (1) It hosted the first ever Ugbajo Itsekiri USA Convention (2) We show case Itsekiri culture and unity by participating in member's Temoshi, births, educational graduations, bereavement and other occasions. (3) We have an annual Picnics and end of year parties for socialization and relaxation, for members, families and friends. (4) INA Houston initiated the "adopt a school" program whereby it provides various school supplies to Itsekiri community schools annually.

Itsekiri National Association of Washington-Baltimore (INA)

In October 1996, Itsekiri people living in Washington-Baltimore Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA), decided to formalize their relationship by creating an association. In November of the same year, a set of the officers headed by Dr. Felix Abeson, as president, were elected to run the affairs of the associations. In 1997, they adopted an Itsekiri Centered Constitution. Their objectives are: To Promote//Protect Itsekiri People, Custom, and Culture/Values; To promote cordiality and unity among Itsekiri sons and daughters; To promote peaceful coexistence between Itsekiri and their host/neighbors; and to promote social and economic development among members and all Itsekiri.

Members of Itsekiri National Association of Washington-Baltimore CMSA, have remained committed and continue to play vital roles in the affairs of Ugbajo Itsekiri USA. 


Itsekiri National Association of Washington-Baltimore CMSA has undertaken several projects to improve the health and educational challenges of Itsekiri people in Nigeria. The projects include the supply of Medical Equipments to Hospitals in Warri - Delta States of Nigeria; and most recently, the successful implementation of Tutorial, Registration, and retake of the WAEC GCE for Itsekiri Students who were unsuccessful in their initial attempt of the WAEC Secondary school exams.


Mrs. Dorothy Uwanikone - President

Oma Iwere Association Florida

Oma Iwere Association of Florida was formed and registered in 200l after several meetings, after Chief John Agbeyegbe and our Matron Mrs. Mere Edevbie attended the first National Convention of Ugbajo in Huston, Texas in 1997.

It was formed to unite all sons and daughters of Itsekiri in Florida to unite and promote Itsekiri culture.





Agura lwere, Dallas, Texas

Agura Iwere Itsekiri of Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex was founded in 1992. The organization is a non-profit organization located in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex,

The objectives of the organization is to promote cordiality and unity among Itsekiri sons and daughters, protect and support Itsekiri people and their values, promote Itsekiri custom and culture, to promote social and economic development among members and all Itsekiri. The organization goal is to promote peaceful co-existence between Itsekiri their hosts and neighbors.

Itsekiri Cultural Association of Southern California (SCICA)

Four itsekiri women had the vision during a casual meeting in the summer of 1990 to form our association which was officially launched the summer of 1992 known today as SCICA, the names are Mrs. Rose Anne Amoruwa, Mrs. Margaret E-Nunu, Mrs. Queen May and Ms. Rosemary Temisaren. The focus at the meeting was to unite and bring together the Itsekiris in southern California by promoting our cultural heritage aboard and extending support to the Itsekiris back home.

SCICA is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit group in California, our goals, purpose and accomplishments has always been to promote, preserve our cultural heritage and contribute to the economic development of our people back home. Amongst its accomplishments is the adoption of Ginuwa Grammar school in Ode-Itsekiri. In the spirit of one nation SCICA as a member of Ugbajo Itsekiri USA Inc. turned over its projects to the national body, which included annual scholarships, the school adoption, shipments of stationeries, computers, clothes and medical equipment to Nigeria.

As part of our involvement with the national body we have produced members on the executive positions, the second president of ugbajo Itsekiri USA Inc. Mr. Mac E-Nunu is a member of SCICA.

Itsekiri Association of Northern California

Itsekiri Association Northern California Inc. was founded in 2010. Our mission is to promote Itsekiri culture, custom and heritage; promote unity and cordiality among Itsekiri in Northern California; promote peaceful co-existence between Itsekiri and their hosts abroad and their neighbors at home and support efforts to improve the quality of life in Itsekiri land.

In 2012 our Association (with Ugbajo Youth Connect) ran a Summer Reading /Back to School Program at Ubeji in a pilot project aimed at working with children age 7 thru 12 in communities in Itsekiri land. IANC hopes to do this annually (as local conditions permit). Donations to this project in kind, cash or frequent flier miles to purchase NEW backpacks, school supplies or to send youth to Nigeria for this program will be thankfully received.

Enquiries are welcome - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Itsekiri Association of Chicago